How We Can Help

We can support anyone who wants to lose weight no matter what approach they choose. Our approach is based on behavior modification rather than nutrient control (click here to learn more), but if you have been successful on a nutrient control diet, that's okay too. The program you can stick to is the right one for you.

Either way, the real trick is to firmly establish new habits so that your natural behavior leads to good decisions. Appetite suppressants can make all the difference. It takes 30 to 90 days to make a new habit. During that time you need to do the same thing at around the same time every day. An uncontrolled appetite can make it almost impossible to establish new eating habits.

Appetite suppressants can give you the control you need. Our physicians can prescribe the right one for you and we will monitor you to make sure to make sure you are using it safely.

We are the ultra-rare honest weight loss business. You will find that we do not try to get you to spend more and more money with us. We do not carry many weight loss products because none of them work as advertised andmany do not work at all. We offer protein shakes because they can be an effective appetite management tool. Even then, we sell them for less than Amazon!

Primarily we sell medications and we counsel our patients to stretch them out for as long as possible. You will not find a better price for medications in this area. If you find them useful, we would appreciate your business.

First Visit with Physician - $139

Your first visit should last about an hour. Please plan accordingly.

Includes 14 days' supply of the medications prescribed by the physician, a vitamin injection of  B12, 7 40mg tablets of furosemide and 14 tablets of Potassium.

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After the first visit, you may refill your prescription for appetite suppressants, furosemide or get additional B12 injections as needed. Injections may be purchased individually or in packages. We also regularly run specials so be sure to check the website regularly and sign up for our text promotion list.

Prescription plus injection - $109
   Includes basic prescription (28 days) and one vitmain  injection.

Prescription plus injection - $69
   Includes basic prescription (14 days) and one vitmain  injection.

Basic Prescription Only (28 Days) - $99

Basic Prescription Only (14 Days) - $59

1 B12 Injection - $20 + tax
3 B12 Injections - $50 + tax
6 B12 Injections - $90 + tax
10 B12 Injections - $130 + tax
15 B12 Injections - $170 + tax


Nutritional supplements don't make you healthy. There are only a few dozen substances that have any known nutritional value for human beings. And yet there are thousands of separately identifiable chemicals in even one plant. And just to give you some perspective, chlorophyll - the very basis of life on Earth - has no known nutritional value for human beings. It is laughable to think that a diet with no vegetables can be rounded out with supplements.

You only need to take a supplement if your diet leaves you with a deficiency in a certain nutrient.

  • If you don't eat much fish, then a fish oil supplement will help with an Omega-3 fatty acid deficiency.

  • Current evidence is that American women become calcium deficient as they age and would benefit from a Calcium Supplement.

  • Increased time indoors plus well-heeded advice about protecting ourselves from the sun can lead many to a Vitmain D deficiency.

  • As we age, we start to lose production of a cofactor in our stomach that aids absorption of the B vitamins and B12 in particular. This is best received through an injection or a sublingual tablet.