Dieting is a Bad Idea

Has it ever occurred to you how strange it is that low fat diets and low carb diets both work? People can argue about which one is "better", but if you manage to follow either one you will probably lose weight.

It is not all carbohydrtaes you need to avoid, just the bad ones. It is not all fats you need to avoid, just the bad ones. How can you ever really know how well you are following the diet?

These diets fundamentally rely on food anxiety to work!

One of the dirty little secrets in the weight loss industry is all diets work! This is why you have heard of so many diets. But if all diets work and they are all based on different nutritional approaches, then the specific nutrition must not matter all that much.

Simple Approach to Good Eating

The Three General Principles of Nutrition explain why all diets work. You do not need to follow a diet that gives you anxiety about eating. You can design your own plan.

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