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Proper nutrition is simple. You have allowed yourself to get so confused about how to eat. Doesn't it make you wonder how people ever got by before anybody knew about vitamins? How does a squirrel even survive without knowing about protein?

Nutrition is simple because if it were complicated how would life even exist? Of course there is a big difference between simple (quickly understand) and easy (quickly done)?

Your first visit will be with Dr. Newberry. He will go over your individual situation and medical history to determine what appetite suppresants would be safe for you to take.  It then takes about an hour for Dr. Newberry to present our basic approach to healthy eating and weight loss. This is typically done in a group setting (with up to 4 people) but you also have the option of scheduling a one-on-one session for more personal attention.

After the first visit, you will not typically see Dr. Newberry and the visits will last  5 to 15 minutes. If you are having problems or need a pep talk from Dr. Newberry, he is available, but appoinment times are more limited. You will also need to have a brief chat with him occasionally to renew your prescription.

We have an in-house pharmacy, so all of the program prices on this page include medications. There is a surcharge if you request and receive "extra" medications beyond your initial prescription.

First Visit with Physician - $125

Your first visit with Dr. Newberry will include up to three other patients during the nutrition presentation. The visit should last 60 to 90 minutes. Please plan accordingly.

Includes 14 days' supply of the medications prescribed by the physician, a vitamin injection of  B12,  14 packets of Coromega™ Omega3+D supplement, 14 tablets of Potassium and 14 tablets of Calcium with Vitamin D (not given to men).

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Full Service: Every 2 Weeks - $80               Every 4 Weeks - $120

Take advantage of our expert staff by allowing yourself the time necessary  to fully discuss your efforts during regular office visits. The visit cost includes up to 30 minutes of consultation with staff, medications prescribed by the physician, Coromega™ Omega3+D supplement, Potassium, Calcium with Vitamin D (not given to men) and a B12 injection.


Other Options

Some people "get it" very quickly and others will need extra support. If you don't find talking helpful then consider a package that does not include consultations. We will not take up more than 5 minutes of your time for these visits.

Prescription plus injection - $99
    Includes basic prescription (28 days) and one vitmain  injection.

Prescription plus injection - $59
    Includes basic prescription (14 days) and one vitmain  injection.

Basic Prescription Only (28 Days) - $90

Basic Prescription Only (14 Days) - $50


Nutritional supplements don't make you healthy. There are only a few dozen substances that have any known nutritional value for human beings. And yet there are thousands of separately identifiable chemicals in even one plant. And just to give you some perspective, chlorophyll - the very basis of life on Earth - has no known nutritional value for human beings. It is laughable to think that a diet with no vegetables can be rounded out with supplements.

You only need to take a supplement if your diet leaves you with a deficiency in a certain nutrient.

  • If you don't eat much fish, then a fish oil supplement will help with an Omega-3 fatty acid deficiency.

  • Current evidence is that American women become calcium deficient as they age and would benefit from a Calcium Supplement.

  • Increased time indoors plus well-heeded advice about protecting ourselves from the sun can lead many to a Vitmain D deficiency.

  • As we age, we start to lose production of a cofactor in our stomach that aids absorption of the B vitamins and B12 in particular. This is best received through an injection or a sublingual tablet.

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40 Days in the Wilderness

It's no mystery that weight gain is caused by too much bad food and not enough good food. But for some reason the focus seems to always be on the bad food. A recent study has shown that focusing on eating more vegetables will naturally lead to eating less bad food, which would balance both sides of the equation - more good food, less bad food.

But what if you don't have much of a taste for vegetables? Well, that's a problem. It means you are unlikely to eat healthy while you are losing weight and, even worse, that you will backslide when you are "done".

What you need is a plan. Show yourself the respect of committing to 40 Days in the Wilderness™. You will need a blender or a juicer, but otherwise you won't be spending any more money on food than you would have anyway.

You can do the entire thing for free!

Cost cannot be your excuse this time!

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